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Senior Software Engineer and Consultant

evandro [at] miquelox [dot] com /Calgary, AB - Canada

Areas of Expertise


I've been working with software development since 1998. I have had large experience with Open Source application development, where I highlight my proficiency at the following technologies:

I'm very familiar with software development methodologies as well as many others programming languages. Large experience in designing and writing business software solutions and constant dedication to the development and deployment of high usability applications.

I consider myself a skillful person when it comes to management, having also a great deal of experience in it. I'm very committed and dependable showing good results at work as well as projects I've been involved in. Perfectionism up to an extent and a considerable sense of joy when focusing on details. New challenges and the possibility of learning and improving myself are also a permanent goal.

Professional Experience

PixBuffer Software Inc. [Dec 2009 - present] - Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Working as a consultant/project leader on complex and/or special web based applications. Clients include World News Network (wn.com - UK), HomeHippo (Ireland), Unhaggle.com, Tecknoquest.com and the University of Bochum (Germany).

Factor X Solutions Inc. [Sep 2007 - Dec 2009] - Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Primary work as project leader and senior software engineer. I was responsible for the development and deployment of CRM, Document Management, Idea Management and Project Management web applications (Software as Service model) written from scratch in Django. I was also the responsible of server deployment/maintenance, management of release cycles, front-end performance optimizations, management of Git repo and test suite (using unittest and Django's Test Client).

GiantByte Software [Jun 2007 - Feb 2008] - Edmonton, Alberta - Canada

Self-employed senior software developer, working from home. I have worked mostly with Django, Python, SQL/Postgresql + tsearch2 and Javascript libraries such as Jquery, Prototype and YUI. I have also installed a Git source code repository and a Trac instance to manage some projects.

Telium Networks [Dec 2006 - Jun 2007] - São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Primary work as a senior software developer. I was later promoted as a Project Leader, managing a small team of developers. Other tasks that I've worked on are:

  • VoIP softphone development;
  • PyGTK application for an internet server solution;
  • Web application development written in Ruby on Rails;
  • Custom development of a Bug Planning Manager Interface (Django based). I'm also the original author of this product;
  • Installation and maintainance of software development tools such Bugzilla, Subversion and ViewVC;
  • Asterisk Servers setup, deployment and maintenance;
Principal Telecom [Jun 2006 - Dec 2006] - São Paulo, SP - Brazil

I've worked as a senior software developer, implementing and maintaining infrastructure tools for the software development process of a PBX solution (VoIP). As a part of my job I've installed and maintained a Subversion repository for source code control, a Bugzilla installation for bug tracking and some other important tools. I also wrote a softphone using Python, PyGTK and Twisted, a web interface using TurboGears focused on software development plannings, PBX dialplan customizations and a web interface in Ruby.

Async Open Source [Mar 2004 - Jun 2006] - São Carlos, SP - Brazil

I was the responsible person and maintainer of the Stoq, an open source retail system, which is also a research project sponsored by FAPESP. By working on this project I could gain and improve skills such as leadership, software development management, good usability techniques and software engineering.

Universidade Federal de São Carlos [Mar 2004 - May 2004] - São Carlos, SP - Brazil

I worked as a software developer for the Technical Assistance Department. The system I wrote was used to manage the whole process of technical services connected to the university computers and general equipments.

MGFix MicroInformática [2003 - 2004] - Contagem, MG - Brazil

I wrote a desktop Windows application for this company. The company works with technical assistance services and sales.

CNN Móveis e Decorações [1998 - 2003] - Contagem, MG - Brazil

As the owner of this store I could acquire a good experience of business management as a whole. I also wrote a complete retail system for the same company, MS Windows environment.


I write and speak fluent English and Portuguese.


Federal University of São Carlos (Universidade Federal de São Carlos) - Brazil
BSc in Computer Science (incomplete)

I consider myself a self-taught person. I enjoy researching new technologies, best practices of software development and being aware of everything related to open source projects.

Technical Skills

Python, Ruby, Perl, C, C++, PHP, Bash, Java and Pascal
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle and ZODB (+ IndexedCatalog)
  • Operating Systems: Linux and Windows
  • Web Servers: Apache
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, TurboGears, Django, Twisted, Kiwi and Stoqlib
  • ToolKits: GTK+ and ReportLab
  • SCM: Subversion, Git, CVS + ViewVC and Bonsai for web access
  • ORM: SQLObject, SQLAlchemy and ActiveRecord
  • Bug Tracking: Bugzilla and Trac
  • Gui Designer: Gazpacho and Glade
  • TypeSetting: Latex
  • Asterisk
  • SIP and IAX protocols

Complementary Skills

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